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rob chard
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Meeting of 12th March 2014 opened at 7:02 by President Andy smith


Officers In attendance are:

President: Andy Smith Secretary: Rob Chard VP: Mickey McCleary

TX Dir: Billy Sanders Treasurer: Bob Hassler VP: Don Muir


Clubs represented are: Port city, old line, upper Bay (24 members Present)


President Andy talked about the meeting Agenda, top of the list the 2014 state team, tournament schedule for 2015 state team qualifier, and showing up at the meetings to have your voice/vote heard and counted.


Treasury report: 5876.60 in checking account, state team has 3600.00, General fund has: 1526.60 remember the first trail cut off is the 22 of March


Tournament Report: 2014 State Team Members:

1. Rodriquez – McNulty

2. Kunkle-Smith

3. Turner- Vass

4. Muir- Sussan

5. Sanders- Hassler

6. Dalton-Sachs

7. (alt) Yeckley-Craighead …..The alternates will travel and stay with the team to Nanticoke.

The team Captain Position was discussed and voted on for Billy Sanders to be the 2014 State Team Captain.


The current means of weight will be use for the trail this year. Next year we can bring to the floor and a vote to change to a different system of record, but this year it will be the same as last year.


REMEMBER: Your insurance paperwork must be in your application form on in the Tournament Directors hand by the first team trail (29th March), or else you will not be allowed to use your boat in the tournament. (This is a higher up FLW/TBF rule)




2015 Buddy Trail (Save the dates)

3/29/ 2014 Potomac (Smallwood) (cut off date 22 March)

4/26/ 2014 Upper Bay (Tydings) (cut off 19 April)

6/14/2014 Upper Bay (Tydings) (cut off 7 June)

8/23/2014 Nanticoke (Cherry Beach) (cut off date 16 Aug)

9/06/2014 Nanticoke (Cherry Beach) (cut off date 30 Aug)


All paperwork will be collected by all state team members at the Mandatory March meeting for all 2104 State team members. March 12th at BPS 7pm


All 2014 state team members must pay up front for the year of membership.



Ranger cup also has money for the federation. You must be a ranger boat owner and be registered with the ranger cup. www.rangerboats/rangercup


MEMBERSHIP: We are at 50……..but guys we need more members keep talking up the federation


Don’t forget the state team is eligible for Lowrance specials. Call Andy for the details and pricing. We are also on Face book.


Points of interest……Face book @ TBF Maryland,



Dr Love the Tidal Bass Manager 410 603 8344




Possibility of having only a three (3) limits fish for the July/August months on the Potomac River. More on this at a later meeting. This is in consideration because of the ongoing bass virus.


The floor question and discussion was brought up by TX Director Billy S about the possibility of purchasing a new scale for the team qualifier. President Andy took it to a member’s present vote and it passed with a cut off of cost of 300 to 400 for a new scale. Mickey has a connection that may help us with a scale and the cost. The old scale can be sold on craigslist or eBay to help compensate some of the money spent.


A discussion and possibly a later vote on the TX cost and paying up front to fish the trail. This will be further reviewed for the next year trail.


The next TBF/FLW Maryland chapter meeting will date will be sent out in a general email to all members. Please be careful on the water and good luck!!!!!


General Meeting adjourned @ 8:07 by President Andy Smith

Respectfully submitted by: Secretary Rob Chard (410 935 6283



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