The Maryland Bass Federation, INC.


The Maryland Bass Federation Inc., hereinafter called TBF MD, composed of affiliated

Maryland clubs, and chartered by The Bass Federation, Inc., does hereby adopt the following constitution and by-laws. TBF Maryland is not benevolent by incorporation.


The primary goal of TBF MD shall be to preserve and further the sport of bass angling by:

  • Improving bass fishing throughout the State and elsewhere.
  • Supporting ecological and environmental improvements on regional, State and local levels.
  • Promoting the highest degree of sportsmanship amongst its membership by functioning as a dynamic and effective link with all clubs embracing the principles of The Bass Federation Inc. Foremost, in benefit of all members, TBF MD is an organization of fishermen, fisherwomen, and youth for the benefit of its members to compete in bass tournaments within the clubs, and State wide with intention to progress to the national level or just enjoy the club opportunities.


Section 1 General

The business management and affairs of the Federation shall be under the direction and control of the Board of Directors (Board) who shall have the authority to authorize contracts, incur liabilities, expend funds, and approve sale and exchange of organizational property and attend to such other matters connected with the conduct of the Federation, as from time to time it may determine. The Executive Committee (EC) of the Federation and elected representatives of affiliate TBF Clubs shall constitute the Board of Directors.

Section 2 TBF MD Club Representation

  1. Each TBF MD club shall, by election, have a president or representative who will

serve as a director on the Federation's Board of Directors. Such director shall:

  • Be a member in good standing of TBF MD, FLW and the chapter he will


  • Represent the membership of their chapter and convey the business of that

membership to the Board and in turn, relay the business of the Board to the chapter members.

  • Hold office, as determined by each club, as the representative and remain as a Board member until their respective qualified successor shall be elected.
  • Attend a minimum of three of scheduled Board meetings conducted during the calendar year (cy). Compliance with this requirement maintains the club's active status in the Federation and eligibility for club participation in the TBF MD’s activities.
  1. In addition to the director, clubs will elect alternate directors who meet the requirements of the director. The club’s alternate director will represent the

club at Board meetings in the absence of the director. Alternate directors will be appointed to fill expired terms of office of club directors, should the position be vacated for any reason.

  1. A requirement for continuing affiliation with this Federation is club representation at the

Board meetings. Club representation shall include the requirement that clubs maintain current name and address of their director should a change in directors occur. The change shall be reported to the Federation secretary prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.

Section 3 Board of Directors (Board) Duties

The Board responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Serve as liaison between the EC and the individual clubs.
  • Assist the president and officers in any function that relates to the operation and autonomy of the clubs they represent. They will operate as a body and represent one vote. Any Federation business to be voted on by the Board at the EC meetings must be done by a majority vote among their body (not quorum). Proxy will be accepted from a club president or representative prior to an executive meeting.
  • Monitor the Federation by-laws, standing rules, and procedures, and insure all are being followed, and will report to any violations to the president.
  • Monitor the maintaining of the Federation books and records of account.
  • Assist all committees, standing or special, as the president directs.
  • Report to the EC any concerns, reports, or information from or within clubs.
  • Repot at each club meeting any information handed down from the executive level.

Article III General Activities and Execution of Business

Section 1 Removal from Office

The Board shall have the right to remove, with cause, a director as a club representative by a 2/3rd majority vote from all club representatives of the Board, when it considers in its judgment that the removal will be in the best interests of the Federation. Cause shall include but not be limited to failure to attend scheduled meetings, misrepresentation of their clubs ideals, and failure to represent TBF MD objectively and honestly to the public or membership. The director will have the opportunity to be heard prior to the vote.

Section 2 Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board shall be held no less than quarterly during a cy on such dates, at such a place, and at such a starting time as shall be coordinated and determined by the president and approved by the Board. Additional and/or special meetings will be held at the discretion of or at the request of a club(s) to resolve issues pertaining to TBF MD State operation. The location, date, and starting times for the first regular meeting of the Board, for the succeeding cy shall be announced by the president during the last Board meeting for the current cy.

Section 3 Emergency Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Board may be called at any time by the president or by a majority of the officers or Board. Notice of any special meeting of the Board shall be given in writing, personally, or by email, to each director not less than five (5) days before such meeting. The notice shall state the time, place and the purpose or purposes for which the meeting.

Section 4 Committees

The Board may, by resolution and passed by a majority of directors, designate one or more committees. Each committee shall consist of two (2) or more directors and any number of individual members of the Federation. The designation of a committee(s) and the delegation of authority of the committee(s) shall not operate to relieve the Board, or any member thereof, of any responsibility imposed upon it or him. Each committee shall keep regular minutes of its meetings and report the same to the Board when required. Committees could be: youth, conservation, action, tournament, fundraising, etc.

Section 5 Voting

At all meetings of the Board, each director shall have one vote. Proxy votes during Board meetings are prohibited. Regular business meetings only require a majority vote of attendees. (See Article III Section 3 for votes during special meetings and a removal from office.)

Section 6 Compensation

Directors shall not receive compensation from Federation funds for their services as directors. However, clubs may reimburse directors for expenses incurred on behalf of the Federation beyond their normal duties as director. All expenses must be evidenced by receipt or other proper documentation.

Section 7 Books and Accounting Records

The Board shall monitor the procedures for maintaining the books and accounting records of the Federation. This shall fall within the treasurer’s duties. Financial reports will be made available at each quarterly meeting to ensure:

  • TBF Maryland keeps correct and complete books and records of accounts.
  • All Federation funds are properly safeguarded and all receipts of moneys and

expenditures are properly recorded according to acceptable accounting procedures.

  • Records of the receipts from members, the Board, and committees are kept.
  • Updated records of the names and addresses of clubs and members are maintained by the secretary and/or treasurer.
  • The Federation's financial books and accounts are reviewed annually by the Board

prior to any tax implications are recorded for State and Federal purposes.

Section 8 Exceptions to Authority

The Board may not:

  • Make any rule or regulation, not already delegated to the TBF MD by the Articles of

Incorporation or these by-laws that shall impinge upon the autonomy and authority of

the clubs as separate entities.

  • Amend or repeal portions of the Articles or these by-laws that were imposed by vote of

the individual membership, inclusive of the following which shall be determined by

individual vote:

  • Withdrawal of the TBF MD from The Bass Federation Inc.
  • Imposition of a membership fee on the individual members.
  • Dissolution of the Federation.
  • For by-Law or financial distribution above $2,000 (except for State team

distributions), notification and approval from all directors is necessary.

Section 9 Quorum

A quorum, for the transaction of business at Board meetings, shall be who is present at said meeting(s) for day-to-day decisions. Special meetings may require unanimous or 2/3rd quorum votes from each club director.

ARTICLE IV The Maryland Bass Federation Officers

Section 1 General

Officers of the Federation shall serve a two-year term. The Board will hold nominations for elections the November of the second year for a membership vote in December. Federation officers, as a group, shall be known as the Executive Committee (EC) and are empowered to carry out the directives of the Board when the Board is not in session. The Board shall have the power to overrule or modify the action of the EC or any officer of the Federation. The EC shall consist of the president, vice-president, second vice-president, secretary, treasurer, tournament director, and conservation director. The tournament director will be selected from volunteers and approved by the Board.

  • The EC may only act by a majority of its members, at any meeting.
  • An act or authorization of an act by the EC, within the authority delegated by the Board, shall be as effective for all purposes as the authorization by the directors; however, the EC and any delegated action of authority, shall not, operate to relieve the Board or any member thereof, of their authority or responsibility imposed upon it or him by corporate law or these by-laws.
  • The EC shall prepare an agenda for each regular or special meeting of the Board, and issue copies 5 days prior to each meeting for directors’ consideration for inclusion or deletion of topics.
  • During Board meetings, officers may perform dual functions, i.e., Federation official and club director. In the latter case provided they are the club delegate and are recognized as such by the chair, they shall be authorized to register attendance and cast there authorized vote in the interests of their respective club.

Section 2 Election of Officers

Officers of the Federation shall be nominated, by the Board, from interested existing club members. Members interested in being nominated for an executive position must submit their intent in writing to their club director. Nominations must be submitted thirty (30) days prior to the second year’s fourth quarter Board meeting. The Board will accept written resumes from interested members, verify eligibility for office, and verify if the member is in good standing. At the 4th quarter Board meeting, the ballots will be the first order of business. All names to be included on the ballet will be set. The secretary will issue a club ballot to each director, who in turn, will issue secret ballots to their respective clubs for a vote. Ballots must be returned to the secretary by December 15th for tabulation. The results will be emailed to the directors, who will communicate the results to their clubs. The results take effect January 1st of the next calendar year and the president-elect will contact the successful candidates and call a meeting of the new executive branch by January 15th for the new year’s agenda.

Section 3 Term of Office

The term of office for Federation officers shall be for a period of two (2) years. Officers shall take office January 1st of the cy. They shall serve from that date. Officers may be elected for consecutive terms for the same position, not to exceed three (3) terms, six (6) years of uninterrupted tenure.

Section 4 Eligibility for Office

Officers shall be members in good standing of The Bass Federation Inc., TBF Maryland, FLW, and of an affiliate bass club.

Section 5 Removal from Office

Any officer, for cause, may be removed from office by 2/3rd majority vote of the Board (full Board representation not quorum), and after the opportunity to be heard, whenever, in its judgment, the Board considers such action to be in the best interest of the Federation such as, and not limited to:

  • An officer's absence, without justification, from three consecutive Board meetings.
  • Legal or criminal behavior within or outside of Federation business.
  • Failure to abide by the by-laws.
  • A decision by the Board after reaching a majority “vote of no-confidence” from club members.
  • An officer requests to step down.

Cause for removal must be presented in writing to each Board member for consideration for the vote. The Board will determine if the action(s), or inaction(s) warrant a vote for removal by a 2/3rd majority. If it is determined a vote is needed for action to dismiss, a special meeting will be set to hear the accused, and a vote will be taken by secret ballot after the interview. A membership vote must be taken by each club director of his members and 2/3rd majority vote rules. The vote will be binding with no appeal.

ARTICLE V Duties of the Executive Committee


  • Shall preside over all EC and Board meetings, direct all official business of the


  • Appoint standing and special committee chairpersons of the Federation as appropriate, and assist and direct all standing and special committees as needed,
  • Preside as chairperson of the Finance and Budget Committee,
  • Be present at director meetings,
  • Provide a statement of anticipated revenues and expenditures (budget) for approval by the Board,
  • Schedule regular (quarterly) and special meetings of the EC and directors. Notify the directors and officers of meeting dates, times and places,
  • Insure that the Articles of Incorporation are in order and applicable to State and Federal laws,
  • Assure adequate supervision of all Federation sponsored events,
  • Initiate disciplinary action in respect to violations of standing regulations and procedures by Federation members. Submit such actions to the Board for approval,
  • Acquire knowledge of parliamentary procedures for purposes of running efficient meetings,
  • Shall serve (or designate an appointee to serve) as a member of The Bass Federation, Inc. Advisory Board, which shall meet upon the call of the national president in the purpose of furthering the goals of The Bass Federation Inc.,
  • Shall maintain constant liaison between all national directors and the national president,
  • Will have the authority to disperse, without Board approval, $200 per need, not to exceed $600 per year for day-to-day business needs and expenses,
  • Will attend the yearly National Presidents Meeting or be sure TBF MD is represented by an executive officer if the president cannot attend, or is fishing the National Championship in conjunction with the presidents’ meeting,
  • Maintain signatory on all TBF Maryland financial acceptances.


  • Perform duties assigned to him by the president and shall preside over meetings in the absence of the president,
  • Shall assume presidential responsibilities, with Board approval until the following election, in the event that the president's office becomes vacated. If the Board determines that the vice-president cannot perform these duties, the position will revert to the second vice-president,
  • Be the tie breaker of Board meeting votes,
  • Maintain signatory on all TBF Maryland financial acceptances.

Second Vice-President

  • Will head special committees as designated by the Board,
  • Represent the Federation in aspects of decision making to assist the tournament director with disputes,
  • Assist the president and vice-president in management and by-law issues, and maintain a level of involvement as to be up to speed in the event the vice-president cannot perform his duties due to obligation or other issues,
  • Maintain the post of sergeant of arms at all Board meetings and when called upon at special meetings. The sergeant of arms will call the meetings to order and insure that the Rules of Order are followed and may gavel in at any time to maintain order, and insure that the agenda is followed. The SOA will close the meetings with a vote to adjourn and second.


  • Shall keep a record of the proceedings (minutes) of all meetings of the Board

and EC, including special meetings,

  • Maintain current mailing addresses, telephone numbers of the EC and Board. Copies of which will be distributed to each club cresident. Copies will be made available to The Bass Federation Inc. secretary and kept up to date as changes are made,
  • Maintain the record of attendance for EC and Board meetings, special meetings. For all Board meetings, a sign-in attendance sheet will be used and included in the minutes from said meeting.
  • Prepare all previous meeting’s minutes for distribution at all Board meetings and read such minutes for approval at each meeting,
  • Maintain and have in custody the general records of the MD TBF; including but not limited to the EC and Board roster, meeting minutes, and attendance records, roster of committee chairpersons, maintain a file of all TBF Maryland clubs, and a roster of each club’s officers, send correspondence to third parties as directed by the EC or the directors.
  • Maintain corporate lLetterhead for legal and corporate correspondence.


  • Shall have the care and custody of and be responsible for all the funds, securities, evidences of indebtedness and other valuable documents of the Federation, and deposit all such funds in the name of the TBF Maryland used banks, or trust companies, or other depositories, or in such safe deposit vaults as the Board may designate. He/she shall sit on the Finance and Budget Committee to assist the president and the committee to prepare the budget for tax implications as non-profit,
  • Sign, make and endorse in the name of the TBF Maryland, all checks, notes, drafts, bills

of exchange, acceptances and other instruments for the payment of money, and payout

and dispose of and receipt therefore, under authorization and direction of the president

and the Board,

  • Render a statement of the condition of the finances of the Federation at each regular

meeting of the Board, and at such other times as shall be required,

  • Keep full and accurate books of account of all Federation business and other such books,
  • Be bonded by the TBF Maryland for the faithful discharge of his duties in such amount

and with such surety as the president, vice-president, Board may prescribe,

  • Have custody and maintain records of Federation accounts and disbursements. At

termination of office, such records shall be inventoried; active records shall be turned

over to the succeeding treasurer; old records shall be committed to Federation files as

the president or Board shall direct; a receipt for same will be obtained. Valuable documents of the Federation, in depositories or elsewhere, shall be jointly inventoried by the outgoing and new treasurers in the presence of the president or vice-president, prior to transfer of custodianship to the new treasurer.

  • Perform all duties incident to the office.


All TBF Maryland clubs and their members are eligible to be members of The Bass Federation, Inc. in an active status as defined.

A. Individual Membership

1. Maintain a current membership in the TBF.

2. Maintain a current membership in the FLW.

3. Pay and keep current dues payable to TBF Maryland.

4. Pay yearly dues to the TBF Maryland Federation determined by the EC with

recommendations from the Finance and Budget Committee, and approved by the


5.Non-payment of any dues will put a member in an inactive status and he/she will not be

eligible to the rights of an active member.

B. Club Membership

1. Clubs must maintain a minimum of six (6) active members on their roster or the

amount compatible with the number required by National TBF.

2. All clubs must abide by the by-laws of the Maryland Bass Federation, Inc.

3. All clubs must be a current charter member of the TBF.

4. All requirements placed upon a club by these by-laws and standing rules must be


C. Clubs with active status (A club and its members are granted the following rights and privileges.)

1. Representation and voice for their club at the State level with a Board member.

2. Voting rights.

3. Participation in the TBF Maryland Tournaments for State team.

4. Access to information, newsletters, correspondence and other rights granted to clubs and

members with an active status.

5. Insurances provided by The Bass Federation, Inc.


  1. The following is the procedure for disaffiliation of clubs from TBF Maryland.
  1. A formal complaint of non-compliant club behavior will be considered by the Board members and EC, stating all the facts, must be sent in writing to the president and secretary of TBF MD by the person responsible for the allegations. The TBF president will then speak directly to the club Board representative within (5) days of receiving the complaint.
  2. The club Board representative will then contact the club officers of the complaint and

forward a copy to the club president registered mail. The club will then be given the opportunity to respond in writing within (10) days of receipt of the letter.

  1. After receiving the response from the accused chapter and it is found not to be in

compliance with the affiliation standards the EC will then report to the Board, in writing, of their findings.

  1. The EC will then vote on whether to carry the complaint any further.

5. If the vote is to further investigate the situation, a letter, by registered mail, will be sent

to the club president and secretary to notify them of a hearing.

a. Failure to answer this letter within (10) days will automatically place this chapter

in a non-active status.

b. A petition for another hearing for reinstatement may be filed one (1) year from

the date of the EC’s registered letter of notification.

6. A closed EC meeting will then be held to give audience to the accused club, the

person(s) and/or club(s) filing the complaint, and any witnesses.

7. The EC will then vote on whether to place the accused club in an inactive status, causing

the club to lose its privileges as an affiliate of TBF MD.

8. The results of this hearing will be sent to The Bass Federation, Inc headquarters, all

parties involved in the hearing, and all TBF MD clubs of the final determination.

  1. Procedures for Disaffiliation of an Individual Member from TBF MD

1. The procedure is the same as disaffiliation of a club except that the "TBF MD

member” replaces the "accused club" in the above outline. This procedure only is in

effect if the club does not manage their members in such a way, or cannot manage an

individual at their level.

C. Removal of a Director or Officer

A Board member or officer will be removed from office for failing to perform or maintain

his duties on the EC, Board, or at the club level by the following procedures listed.

    1. Removal from office in the EC or Board
  1. A formal complaint stating all the facts must be sent by registered mail to the president and secretary of the EC. If the president is the accused, the vice-president will receive the letter.
  2. The president of vice-president will then contact the Board of the complaint and call a special meeting to discuss the complaint(s). This must be done within 10 days of receipt of the registered letter.
  3. The Board will reports its findings and recommendations in writing to the EC president/vice-president and secretary by registered mail within three (3) days of its findings.
  4. If the matter is to be pursued, a hearing will be called with the officer being charged by the Board and EC. After this hearing, a decision will be made by a silent vote of the officers and Board whether to replace, put on probation, or dismiss the charges on the director or officer.
  5. If a director is to be replaced, the club from which he/she is a member must hold an election to fill the unexpired term left vacant. If it is an officer, the Board will fill the position by Robert’s Rules for the remaining term.
  6. All proceedings should be completed within 60 days of the start.

    1. Removal from office by the district Board

The same procedure is to be followed as removal by the executive Board.


Section 1 Committees or Appointments

The Executive Committee, by simple majority vote, can appoint the following standing committees or appointments when economically feasible and such other committees as may be necessary. Term of appointment to standing committees or appointments shall be determined by agreement between the appointee and the EC based on the individuals will and expertise, to continue in that position. To be eligible for appointment, a committee or appointment candidate must be a member in good standing of TBF MD and a member with active status of FLW and The Bass Federation, Inc.

  • Membership Chairman or Committee

This Committee shall consist of a Chairman appointed from volunteers and as many

members as the EC and the chairman feel are necessary. The duties of this committee

will be to work with the EC, State secretary and the Board to keep and maintain the State

membership roster, to market for membershop with the goal of finding member clubs for new

members or assist new clubs in joining TBF MD. They will assist clubs with the on-line

registration for yearly re-up and new members.

  • Tournament Committee

This committee will be headed by a State tournament director, 2nd vice president and

highest elected officer. This Committee will run the State qualifying tournaments in the

event of the tournament directors absence, and assist in set-up and take down of banners,

tents and equipment. Volunteers will also help with weight slip scoring and final calculation

of winners and points at each tournament. Tournament committee will oversee ad resolve

all disputes by 2/3 vote. If a member is in the dispute then the next highest elected officer

will take that postion.

  • Youth Activities Committee and Chairman

This Committee shall plan, organize, and implement State Youth Activities as introduced

by TBF Maryland and The Bass Federation, Inc.

    • Youth activities will include but not be exclusive to Reel Kids contests.
    • Junior Clubs, introduction to the sport of fishing, water safety, and conservation practices.
    • Will organize, run and execute youth division qualifying tournaments to send one youth from each age group to The Bass Federation Inc. Junior Nationals.
    • This committee will strive to implement actions to raise travel expenses and trophies for the youth qualifying tournaments.
    • At the State level to assist clubs in the safe operation of youth activities and assist in the planning and implementation of such projects. This committee will consist of one(1) chairperson and club or parent volunteers.
    • The chairperson is to be appointed from available volunteers by the EC to serve with no term limits.
    • This committee will meet four (4) times a year and more often if the committee deems necessary.

D. Conservation Committee

This committee shall maintain current information on all matters, including legislation,

related to, and that could affect, the preservation of aquatic resources and the natural

environment in Maryland. Assure that the president, and the membership is aware of

such matters.

    • They are to review proposed environmental and conservation projects to determine

suitability for Federation sponsorship, and coordinate and supervise the

implementation of Federation sponsored projects.

    • Construct informational data about State and national environmental and conservation issues that need to be addressed by the Federation and make this

data available through the email or other mailings.

    • Keep records of projects undertaken by the State, clubs, and youth; and make this available to the public.
    • Institute a procedure and guideline that will assist the clubs in organizing a project of an environmental or conservation nature.
    • This committee will maintain liaison with DNR and keep them informed of all our beneficial projects.
    • This committee will consist of a chairperson and volunteers from clubs and youth.
    • Chairperson shall maintain contact with The Bass Federation Inc. conservation director for all matters national and attend the conservation meeting at the presidents counsel each year.
    • Chairperson shall be appointed from volunteers by the EC. This committee shall meet four (4) times a year or more often as desired.

E. Website - Webmaster

In order to save money and resources it is preferable the TBF MD maintain a website and does not use any paper newsletter. The webmaster should be a volunteer from the TBF MD membership if at all possible. A line item should be placed in the yearly budget to cover any domain name purchase and bandwidth needs to operate the appropriate size page. It is the webmaster volunteer’s responsibility to maintain the site to the best of his time allotment, and post in a timely manner any Tournament Results or Announcements.

Any contracts or eEngagements to be made with electronic media providers information systems, or server groups must be approved by the Budget Committee and the EC.

F. Special Committees

Special committees may be formed by the Board but only for closely defined purposes,

and in no case may the tenure of a special committee exceed two (2) years from the date of

appointment. Special committees may not supersede or otherwise infringe upon the duties and

responsibilities of standing committees.


      1. Special Appointments by the Executive Committee

It may be necessary for the EC to appoint several positions to serve as Consultants or Directors on an individual basis. These appointments will come from volunteers with certain expertise, or in some cases may be contracted to perform such duties as approved by the Board.

Appointments may be for, but not limited to:

  • Tax accountant CPA
  • Legal advisor / incorporation
  • Public relations
  • Fund raising specialist

The term of appointment should be for as needed and by contract. Cost for terms must be a Board vote if it exceeds $500.


Funds for the support and maintenance of TBF Maryland will be derived from individual

membership dues, special tournament revenues, fundraisers, assessments, special projects, and donations. No donations or financial assistance will be accepted from individuals, businesses, corporations, or government agencies if there is evidence that the goals of these entities are contrary to the primary goals of TBF Maryland.

The EC and Board at the fourth quarter meeting will consider dues for the next cy. Dues may not be increased mid-year for any reason.


  1. No executive or district Board member shall use TBF MD as a vehicle for personal


  1. Any abuse of official powers by officers of a club is subject to review by the executive Board. Penalties for abuse of power include probation, suspension or termination of membership in TBF MD and its activities.
  2. Each active club in TBF MD shall have only one (1) vote at Board meetings through their elected director.
  3. Dissemination of the TBF MD roster, a roster of The Bass Federation Inc. or individuals shall not be given to any organization or individual outside the Federation unless approved by the Board by vote.
  4. "Robert's Rules of Order" will be governing application for all Board and special meetings.
  5. Interpretation of these bylaws and standing rules will rest with the EC. If there is a conflict of interpretation from an individual, club, or director that needs to have resolution, the EC will review the request and deliver their interpretation and that decision will be final.
  6. Contracts on Behalf of TBF MD. Will only be authorized by the EC and Board. No club or member may authorize any officer or officers, agent or agents, employee or employees to enter into any contract or other instrument on behalf of TBF MD and such authority may be general or confined to specific instances. Except as herein provided or as authorized by the Officers and Board, no officer, agent or employee, other than the president and those officers granted specific authority under these by-laws, shall have any power or authority to bind TBF MD by any contract or engagement, or to pledge its credit or to render it liable, for any purpose or for any amount
  7. The fiscal year of this Federation shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.
  8. TBF MD shall not endorse or recommend any candidate for public office, nor shall partisan politics or sectarian religion be debated by members in meetings of TBF MD.
  9. No officer or member of the Board shall use his position as a means of furthering any personal, political, or other aspiration, nor shall TBF MD, as a whole, takes part in any movement not in keeping with its purpose and objectives.


Dissolution of TBF Maryland

The TBF MD officers and Board may at any time take up the matter of Dissolution of The Bass Federation, Inc.. This may occur due to insolvency, disagreement with Nation TBF, lack of membership, or acts of God or war. If the officers and directors deem it necessary to take such severe action their proposal to the membership must be in writing and signed by all officers and 2/3rds of all directors. The president of TBF Maryland will then present the motion to the membership at a all hands meeting scheduled 30 days in advance and located at such place that all members may attend. A majority vote in favor of dissolution at that meeting is necessary in order to proceed to dissolve. If a majority of the members vote to proceed to dissolve, a notice must then be sent by either registered or certified mail to Maryland Corporate Registration to Dissolve the TBF MD Corporation.

All assets of TBF MD will be assessed by a CPA and Distributed equally among all current members in good standing. Maryland law will determine the distribution to all parties.


These Bylaws shall not be changed unless:

  • Agreed upon by a 2/3rds majority vote of the Executive Committee, with the President

voting, and the Board of Directors.

  • Proposed Provision and Article changes are forwarded to all Clubs two months in advance for review prior to final vote to be held at an open Federation meeting.
  • Final approval of all changes to the Bylaws will be made by active Clubs voting by a

written YES or NO ballot only. This ballot must be signed by the Club President and

witnessed by the Club Secretary. The ballot must be delivered by the Club Board

Representative to the TBF MD Secretary for a final count at the next appropriate Board of

Directors meeting. If the amendment(s) have been approved then of all changes will be

written into the bylaws as Articles of Amendment.

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