It is easy. $70 dollars is all you need. That covers your FLW dues, TBF dues and your Maryland State dues. Make a check or money order payable to :

                                                                                                                                          TBF OF MARYLAND

                                                                                                                                              52 YEW ROAD 

                                                                                                                                BALTIMORE , MARYLAND , 21221

We will do the rest 


It’s Easy To Become a TBF Member or to get your club registered as a TBF Affiliated Club.

Here are the instructions and requirements;

  • Find five Friends and start a NEW TBF club or
  • Join an existing one!

Anyone can join TBF but to fish your home state events you must be a member of a local TBF affiliated fishing club. You also must be a full standard competitor of FLW. (Which we will take care of for you!) ALL TBF memberships have FLW membership built right in already! FLW is a great partner for TBF and provides many benefits.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  2018 TBF membership is ONLY $70.00 a year and INCLUDES FULL FLW membership which makes it a great bargin!! ALL TBF members must pay their FLW membership through TBF, through their home club or state federation. FLW will not accept membership directly from TBF members as it is already included in your annual dues through TBF. Your full FLW  Competitor Membership with TBF INCLUDES; FLW magazine subscription, FULL tournament eligibility, priority entry, FULL member benefits and discounts, as well as FLW Fantasy Fishing players advantage where you can win one of thousands of prizes playing FLW Fantasy Fishing. It is a load of fun with some GREAT cash prizes! Many TBF members win each year

  • When you join a TBF club, all FLW Dues will be collected at the local level and sent into the TBF main office. IT is One stop shopping!
  • TBF national dues is $50 a year (which includes BOTH TBF & FLW membership. There maybe be state federation dues in your states as well. ( $ 20.00 ADDITIONAL FOR MARYLAND )
  • Your membership comes with full benefits, discounts priority registration and insurance for your club and events!
  • You can join an existing TBF club, sign up your current club or start a new club. It only takes 6 members to form your own TBF club)
  • Your club must belong to its home state TBF Federation.
  • Your club will submit your club membership roster and dues and keep it updated using the TBF online Club Roster Management system!

Pretty simple, once a year and your done, that’s all there is to it!

So to recap.

  • If your a club officer wanting to register your new TBF club in your home state so you can start fishing and enjoying the benefits of membership. The TBF Club Roster Management System is for you.
  • If your looking to join an established TBF Club, go to our State Federation Contacts page and email a state officer in your state to find the closest club.
  • If you have questions or need help just complete the online form & TBF will contact you to help you get the process started! Or give us a call at 580.765.9031… we are happy to help and would be proud to have YOU as a member!

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