2019 Dates 

(__) 04/11 / 2020    Potomac             (Cut off date  4/10/ 2020)    

(__) 05 / 9 / 2020   Tydings                                      (Cut off date  5 / 2 / 2020  )

(__) 06 / 27 / 2020   Nanticoke   ( sharpstown )       (Cut off date  6 / 19 / 2020)

(__) 07  / 18 / 2020    Tydings                                  (Cut off date  7 / 10 / 2020)

(__) 09/ 12 / 2020   Tydings                                     (Cut off date  9/ 03 / 2020)

(__) 10 / 10 / 2020  Conowingo (Peach bottom)      (Cut off date 10 / 2/ 2020)

Angler/Boater:___________________________________________  Co-Angler:__________________________________________________

Address:_______________________________________________   Address:____________________________________________________

City:___________________________ State:______ Zip:_________   City:____________________________ _State:_______  Zip:__________    

Home #:______________________ Cell # _____________________ Home #:________________________ Cell # _______________________

FLW#_______________________________ Exp:____________        FLW#________________________________ Exp:___________________

Boat Model:_________________________ Length:___________       Engine Brand:________________________ HP:_____________

*$150 per boat, Calcutta & Lunker Optional (cash at ramp).

*Payout to Top Three places fixed MINIMUM  amount ($500, $300, $150) and  based on 19 boats and under  ..Payouts can be higher based on number of boats participating in that days trail tournamnt 20 plus boats payouts will be 60% of the total tournament entries. example = based on 20 boats   =     1st = $ 900,

                                                                                                                                                                                   2nd = $ 540

                                                                                                                                                                                   3rd =  $ 360

*Insurance certificates must be on file or accompany first application with $300,000 liability coverage.

*Substitutions allowed for qualifying tournaments.

*If your partner cannot show with late notice you may be allowed to fish alone . You may also have a substitute fish with you in ONLY 1 event out of the 6 on schedual.. That sub MUST have there dues availible before launch  the morning of the event that he or she is subbing for.

*You must be a paid member of the TBF MD/FLW to fish for a state team position.

$300,000 Boating Liability Insurance Coverage Yes:___ No:____

Having acquainted myself with the 2016 TBF MD TOURNAMENT TRAIL OFFICIAL RULES, I have completed this application and am enclosing my entry fee

payable to TBFMD. In signing this application, I hereby release TBFMD, the host, sponsors and tournament officials from all claims of death, injury and/or

property damage incurred by me in connection with my participation in this tournament. If I am using my own boat in the tournament, I certify that I now bodily

injury/property damage insurance having a limit of at least $300,000.00. At TBFMD request, I will provide it with satisfactory evidence of that insurance.

The use of a polygraph test will be made available and put to use if deemed necessary. I further understand and agree that the Tournament Director reserves

the right to reject my application for any reason and, upon such rejection, to refund this entrance fee. All tournament matters are the FINAL say of the

Tournament Director and present Board members. I am currently a member in good standing with FLW/ TBFMD.

Angler Signature________________________________________ Co-Angler Signature__________________________________________

Any questions - Contact TBF Treasurer  RON STIERSTORFER  AT 410-916-5692


                                                                        TBF OF MARYLAND 

                                                                             52 YEW ROAD 

                                                              BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, 21221

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